Let’s knock out the basics

Hey there, my name is Kim.
I am 24 years old and trying to find my place in the world. I
live in Buffalo, NY, also known as the Queen City, and even though I always           thought this place was boring, it’s turning out to be a lot better than I thought.

I am currently working as a Marketing Coordinator and learning as I go.
Being a recent college graduate I have a lot of experience with not having enough money to get the things I want (clothing, furniture, experiences), so I have found ways to get around that financial obstacle and not let that stand in my way.

This blog is not just focused on being frugal, but also how to be positive, healthy, and happy in life.


Things I Enjoy

The great outdoors. Hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, you name it!  It all makes me very happy.

Eating food. Pasta.Salad.Soup.Burgers.Pizza.Stirfry.Ice cream– these are all things I will never get sick of.

Talking about life. Topics like, where do you think we came from, how are we affecting the planet, what dream did you have last night, etc.

Playing games. Whether it’s sports, board games, or video games, it is all exciting to me.

Thrifting. My favorite way to shop.  I have found so many hidden treasures at local thrift stores.  I’ll be sharing my finds with you!

Going on adventures. Road trips, exploring a new city, and bringing a camera along; whether its my phone or Nikon.

Theres not much I do not like.  In fact, ill consider trying anything and everything at least once.  I am a seeker of good times and happiness and this blog is my way of creating it and sharing it with you!


Stay focused.


So thank you again for visiting and feel free to contact me for any questions, or suggestions.

Contact me HERE.


Have a splendid day,